Advanced Kinesiology

Advanced Kinesiology

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Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing Advanced Program
This course is for those who are interested in learning more from Dr. Clay and becoming an apprentice of his work. 
This “Advanced Kinesiology” book references the  Quick Self Fixes & Targeted Muscle Testing books. Therefore, one must own these books to effectively use 
this “Advanced Kinesiology” book. I recommend you learn QSF & TMT prior to
learning Advanced Kinesiology. -Dr. Camden Clay
Please visit for the online version of this book.
You will learn Advanced Muscle Testing Concepts, how to Subtle Muscle Test and how to make weak muscles strong!

Apprenticeship Program Information

(Quick Self Fixes is QSF, Targeted Muscle Testing is TMT)

Graduation certifies the graduate to teach Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing workshops.

Several practitioners of Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing are currently approved for continuing education credit by NCBTMB for Massage Therapists and NASM for Personal Trainers. Therefore, graduates may qualify to provide continuing education within the massage and fitness training professions and any other profession such as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Nursing, etc. that they can get approved by the applicable licensing board. People will choose QSF/TMT for their CEU’s in part because QSF’s is a self treatment program and a healing system to help client’s. 

Some graduate quickly, some graduate slowly. Graduation includes demonstrating proficiency on all information in QSF book, TMT book and this Advanced Kinesiology book. 

Lyndzey Dare (Competitive Gymnastics Instructor, Olympic Weightlifting Instructor, CrossFit Instructor) graduated in three months. John Ray (Founder of Ray of Light Massage School, Massage Therapist, Author and Lecturer) studied remotely from out of state and spent only a short period of time personally with Dr. Clay and graduated with flying colors. 

As a graduate of this program, you are authorized to prepare your apprentices to take an examination with Dr. Clay or whomever he has directed to certify QSF/TMT workshop presenters.

Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing books and videos are available at teacher discount whole sale prices.